Scrabble Word Builder

A Scrabble word builder is a word program which online websites offer where a Scrabble or word game player can enter a letter combination and have the wordbuilder give the person a list of words which can be spelled with those letters. Online Scrabble players use word builder tools to help them in their competitions on Scrabble sites.

While the practice of using word building programs is frowned upon, most Internet players use them and it's an open secret in the online Scrabble playing community. Go to a Scrabble forum and you'll see several discussions of which Scrabble word finders are the best to use, though you'll occasionally see purists railing against their use.

Since online word resources can't be used in live Scrabble tournaments and your local Scrabble Club's competitions, the subject of Scrabble word construction tools aren't much of a hot button topic with live players. Generally speaking, you'll get more passion when asking whether SOWPODS or TWA should be the global standard for Scrabble dictionaries.

Why Use a Scrabble Word Builder?

Scrabble wordbuilders aren't just used to give people an edge when playing online Scrabble, though that's the main use. Word finders can be used to build your vocabulary of words, once you start to see the same words coming up in different situations. Word builder lists also open your mind to the possibilities, since you might get a random set of numbers and think of 3 word combinations that will work, only to have the online word constructor offer up 54 words.

Teachers are known to use lists from word producers in study plans, to show their English students how many words and letter combinations are out there. Wordbuilder software becomes a way to study the richness of the English language.

Of course, word game lovers can use your handy online Scrabble word builder to help them fill out their crossword puzzles when stumped, or when solving anagrams, or playing other wordgames like Literati, Jumble, Jamble or Word Ox. Students, wordsmiths, writers and etymologists might enjoy playing around with a Scrabble wordbuilder and a dictionary just to learn new words. Scrabble teaches us all how many obscure words there are in the English language.

So where can you find some good word builder downloads and websites? I happen to have a list of suggestions.

Cheat-o-Matic Scrabble Word Builders

Scrabble Word BuildersThe Cheat-o-Matic word builder tool is one of the best and probably the most-used word builder sites on the Internet. The Cheatomatic software lets you enter the letters you have in your hand and the letter on the Scrabble board you want to build your word from. Given that many Scrabble games online are timed, Cheat-o-Matic has solid load times for those who need a fast Scrabble cheat site.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to end up with two blank tiles, their word constructor software won't be able to handle that situation. One blank tiles is all Cheat-o-Matic is set up to spit out word lists for. That's obviously going to be a pretty rare event, but if that happens, you want to maximize the opportunity. The letter on the board is a little tricky, too, because you'll find yourself wanting quick reference to where that letter is found in your word and that won't be available.

Of course, that second quip might be getting a little too lazy. All in all, the Cheat-o-Matic world constructor site is popular for a reason, because their Scrabble software is by and large excellent.

Scrabble Cheat Scrabble Word Builder

The Scrabble Cheat word construction program offers a few more features than Cheat-o-Matic, with the drawback that it's a little more complicated to learn. These are minor differences, but they should be pointed out.

ScrabbleCheat lets you add two blank tiles to your word construction queries, so you'll be able to input any situation that might possibly come up during your online Scrabble games. You can also program letter tiles into certain letter squares in the layout, so if you are trying to build off the letter "t" and you only have two spaces to the right of it, you can put the "t" in the 3rd to last slot in the word. This means you'll be able to customize the word combinations to the word already built on your Scrabble board, making the Scrabble word finder much more flexible and suited to the game you're playing.

On the negative side, you'll probably need to practice with the wordfinder tool for a little bit, because it can be a little awkward to use at first. The submit button is also tricky.

Word Games Central Word Finder

The "Wordgame Central Word Builder" generally gets rave reviews. That's because WordGamesCentral's word tool combines word constructing flexibility with the easy functionality.

You can input two blank tiles into the Scrabble wordbuilder, while also inputting "begins with" and "ends with" or even "in the middle" into your word finder question. This means you'll be able to construct your search within specific parameters, only getting results that are going to actually help you win your particular Scrabble game.

Win Every Game Word Producer

The "Win Every Game Word Builder" lets you produce all of the scenarios you might encounter in Scrabble games, while actually going beyond to theoretical "house games" where certain house rules might be in effect. With the "WinEveryTime" word producer software, you'll be able to enter up to 3 blank tiles to your word search - beyond the standard tournament number of such tiles.

Like the Word Games Central word construction tool, you'll be able to stipulate the "begins with" and "ends with" when inputting the letter combinations. The load times might be a little slower than Cheat-o-Matic's wordbuilders, but this is a great tool for those players who want to cut down on the size of their word list only to usable and essential words and letter combinations, while also being able to anticipate scenarios that might not come up in tournament Scrabble.

Scrabble Word Builders

Ultimately, there are plenty of word construction resources on the Internet, if you're tired of losing online Scrabble to your friends and you suspect they are using Scrabble word builder technology to beat you all these times. Know that online Scrabble players use Scrabble cheats as a matter of course, so you might as well be armed with your own favorite Scrabble word builders the next time you join your e-friends for a friendly or not-so-friendly Scrabble competition.

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