Scrabble Rack Attack - Scrabble Online Variant

Scrabble Rack Attack is an online Scrabble variant at most Internet game websites. Scrabble Rack Attack can be a download or browser-based game.

Scrabble Rack Attack is a Scrabble game set against a timer. You'll be able to download the game free on most online game sites. It uses many of the standard Scrabble rules, so players with mad Scrabble skills should be skilled at Scrabble Rack Attack, too. If you have trouble with timed games, though, Scrabble Rack Attack might not be for you.

Downloadable Scrabble or Browser-Based Scrabble

You can play Scrabble Rack Attack in your browser if you turn off your pop-up blocker, or you can download a software version of the game. This will cost some money usually, though the premium version of Scrabble Rack Attack comes with hints and tips sections to the game that free players don't have.

Scrabble Scoring

Scoring in Scrabble Rack Attack mostly follows the rules of Classic Scrabble. The various letter tiles count the same as they would in Scrabble. There are different ways to get bonus scores in Scrabble Rack Attack than you would in Classic Scrabble, though. Most of these bonuses come with a completing a rack of words of the same size.

Players receive ranks for their points scored. These ranked levels come at 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 points and so on. There are also different levels of play: easy, normal and hard.

Three Letter Words

There are spaces for 13 three letter words on Scrabble Rack Attack. If you fill up this many 3-letter words, you get an extra 65 points.

Four Letter Words

There are spaces for eight four letter words on Scrabble Rack Attack. If you fill up 8 three-letter words, you get an extra 80 points.

Five Letter Words

Five letter words work the same on Scrabble Rack Attack. You'll find seven 5-letter word spaces on Rack Attack. If you fill up all of letter squares, you'll get a bonus 105 points.

Six and Seven Letter Words

There are two six-letter word spaces on Scrabble Rack Attack. Complete these two words and the player will get 40 bonus points. There is one seven-letter word space on Scrabble Rack Attack. Fill this and you get a 25-point bonus.

Note that it doesn't matter which order you make your words, though it is to your advantage to fill out the racks of one particular length word.

Also note that when you make a word, the same letters return to your rack. So every game will involve you making words with a different set of seven letters, but

Time Bonus

If you fill in all the words within the five minute time limit, you get an extra bonus score. In other words, the higher limit for completing a game of Scrabble Rack Attack goes very high. Once you conquer the game on the easy and normal levels, you can try it on expert and see if you qualify to sit among the true masters of Scrabble Rack Attack.

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