Super Scrabble - Scrabble for Super High Scores

Super Scrabble is played on an extra large board with more premium squares, allowing for games of Scrabble with high final scores.

Super Scrabble is Scrabble played on board with almost twice as many squares. The Super Scrabble game board is 21x21 squares, while the Classic Scrabble board is 15x15 squares. This means that the Super Scrabble board has 441 squares, compared to Scrabble's 225 squares.

The inner 15x15 squares are just the same as Classic Scrabble. This means that an owner of Super Scrabble can play the standard game. When plays spills out of the inner grid is when the unique features of Super Scrabble come into play.

High Scrabble Scores

Players new to Super Scrabble will have to get used to higher scores. There are twice as many tiles to play in Super Scrabble, so the scores will naturally be higher. Also, the Super Scrabble game board allows for higher scoring due to changes in the premium spaces.

Quadruple Word Scores

One of the biggest changes in Super Scrabble is the inclusion of a higher value premium space. At the four corners of the Super Scrabble board are found four Quadruple Word Scores. Much of the late game strategy of Super Scrabble is movement near the Quadruple Word Score squares.

Quadruple Letter Squares

Super Scrabble also has Quadruple Letter squares. These follow a similar pattern to the Double Letter squares on Classic SCRABBLE boards, outside of the 15x15 grid.

Double-Double Word Scores

On the outer edges of the board, the double word score squares are placed closer together. This makes the double-double word scores much more likely.

Multiple Players

Super Scrabble is meant to be played by 3 or 4 players. Super SCRABBLE can be played by 2 players, but this results in a marathon person-to-person showdown. Tournaments Scrabble players have often complained about how cramped three or four player games get at tournaments.

Criticisms of Super Scrabble

Super Scrabble gives players more room to manuever, though purists and serious players often criticize Super Scrabble. One reason is that Classic SCRABBLE and Super Scrabble strategies are not the same.

Other critics point to out-of-control scoring, where 800-point scores are seen. Another criticism of Super Scrabble is in the number of letter tiles added to Super Scrabble. The numbers are not simply doubled and certain tiles show up with greater frequency in Super Scrabble.

Tile Distribution - Scrabble vs. Super Scrabble

Letter Tile # in Scrabble # in Super
A 9 16
B 2 4
C 2 6
D 4 8
E 12 24
F 2 4
G 3 5
H 2 5
I 9 13
J 1 2
K 1 2
L 4 7
M 2 6
N 6 13
O 8 15
P 2 4
Q 1 2
R 6 13
S 4 10
T 6 15
U 4 7
V 2 3
W 2 4
X 1 2
Y 2 4
Z 1 2

Super Scrabble Letter Tile Distribution

Note that there are 150% more "S" tiles. That means there is a greater probability in Super Scrabble that you or your opponent will be able to use the "S" tile to make a plural word. Some players criticize this decision.

On the other hand, Super Scrabble allows players to build words that would otherwise be impossible in Scrabble, at least without a blank tile. For instance, the word J-A-Z-Z is possible, because of the inclusion of two "Z" tiles.

Licensing Information

In North America, Super Scrabble is manufactured by an outfit named Winning Moves Games. Winning Moves Games does so with a license from Hasbro. At current, Super Scrabble is played only in English.

Early in 2007, Winning Moves Games created the Super Scrabble Deluxe, with a lock-in square grid and Lazy Susan turntable.

Internationally, Super scrabble is manufactured by Tinderbox Games. Mattel licensed Super Scrabble to Tinderbox Games for this purpose.

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