Travel Scrabble - Portable Scrabble Edition

Travel Scrabble is a portable Scrabble Edition designed for a family or group of friends taking a road trip in the car. Travel Scrabble rules are the same as Classic Scrabble.

Travel Scrabble is a portable Scrabble set produced by Hasbro. The Travel Scrabble board is meant to be carried inside a car, with a lightweight travel case and interlocking tiles grids for securing tiles from falling off the board.

Travel Scrabble Overview

Travel Scrabble plays with the same exact rules as Classic Scrabble. From 2 to 4 players try to form words on the board, always playing off one of the words already on the board. Each letter has a certain point value, so players add up the value of each letter in a word to calculate their score.

There is now way you can play Classic Scrabble inside a moving car. The letter tiles would slip off the board or at the very least shift about. It would be hard to keep track of the score, because you need a pen and paper to tally the scores.

Scrabble is a wonderful family game, so it's a natural game to play on the road. So Hasbro designed Travel SCRABBLE to meet the needs of the word game playing family.

Travel Scrabble Board and Tiles

The Travel Scrabble gameboard is similar to the Scrabble Deluxe board. It is designed to have the letter tiles snap into the game board. This secures the pieces, making sure the letter tiles remain on the board for the remainder of the game.

Travel Scrabble Letter Racks

The letter racks in Travel Scrabble have a similar function to the game board. When you place the letter tiles on a rack, the tiles fit snugly into the rack. This means you won't have letter tiles falling off the rack into the car floor.

These letter racks are designed to hide the letters from the other players, when the car is stopped or because the opponents are all sitting on the same side of the board.

The Integral Scorer

The Travel Scrabble board also has four scoring mechanisms on its side. This allows you to tally scores for up to four contestants. Players don't have to write on a piece of paper with no writing surface, but simply keep score as they go. I think this is an innovation which would work well in a Deluxe edition of Scrabble.

Travel Scrabble Carrying Case

The Travel Scrabble travel case is meant to keep the entire set in an easily handled, easily stored unit. The case is only 23" by 15" x 5", so it will fit under the seat of most cars.

Travel Scrabble has a sleak look to it. The letter tiles are the same color as the Classic SCRABBLE set, though the cloth tile bag is an improvement over the standard plastic Scrabble tile bag in the non-Deluxe models. The dark board is probably the best looking Scrabble board outside of Onyx Scrabble.

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