Scrabble Cubes - Online 3-D Scrabble Cubes

Scrabble Cubes is an online Scrabble variant game by FUN Technologies and WorldWinner. Players build Scrabble words using 3-D cubes.

Scrabble Cubes is another online word game based on SCRABBLE. Scrabble Cubes is a 3-D Scrabble variant, where players make words from the letters on dicelike cubes. As you make more words, the cubes change, so the game never grows old and the potential words are never the same combination.

The 3-dimensional aspect of Scrabble Cubes gives the game a modern feel which is perfect for the online Scrabble play. The value of the cube letters are the same as classic SCRABBLE letter tiles, so Scrabble Cubes isn't a complete departure from the Scrabble board game.

Scrabble Cubes Multipliers

Scrabble Cubes offers "bonus cubes", which correspond to the multiplier squares on a standard Scrabble game board. For instance, players will encounter a Scrabble cube that act as double letter scores and double word scores.

Connecting Letters

As the Scrabble cubes appear on the screen, you'll need to connect letters which are adjacent on the cube to create whole words. When you do so, you get Scrabble Cubes points. For those word game lovers who enjoy playing Boggle, you'll probably love playing Scrabble Cubes. The two games are quite similar.

Scrabble Cubes

The term "Scrabble cubes" is also used in Hasbro's Scrabble Blast game, where players rules Scrabble dice to determine which letters to use on any particular term. These Scrabble dice are sometimes referred to as Scrabble cubes.

Where To Find Scrabble Cubes

Scrabble Cubes is found on websites like, and the FUN network of sites. On some of these sites, players are given the opportunity to play for prizes and even cash. Check out the individual sites, since promotions change all the time and I don't want this site to turn into an advertisement.

On most of these sites, you'll be able to play Scrabble Cubes as a free trial offer. Once you play a game or two, players will have to decide whether to pay for the privilege of continuing.

Scrabble Cubes was developed by the WorldWinner subsidiary of FUN Technologies Incorporated in cooperation with EA Incorporated.

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