Onyx Scrabble - The Scrabble Onyx Edition

The Onyx Scrabble Edition is the best premium version of SCRABBLE yet, with a black and silver themed game board, tiles and Scrabble tile racks.

Onyx Scrabble is a special edition SCRABBLE set with a black and silver color scheme. This is probably the best looking Scrabble game ever manufactured. Onyx Scrabble has a sleek, modern look that is light years ahead of the Classic Scrabble set.

Lazy Susan Turntable

Onyx Edition Scrabble comes with a turntable in the Lazy Susan style. A Lazy Susan is a game board which turns around on an axis, allowing players to turn the letter towards themselves on their turn. No player has to ever place letters upside-down again, or manipulate the board and knock the tiles from their place on the board.

The turntable is made of black wood and has raised squares, so the tiles fit into the board snugly and won't move about. The trim and the squares are silver colored, so the Scrabble board has a dusky, night time feel to it.

Black Letter Tiles

The Onyx Scrabble letter tiles are made of black wood with white letters imprinted on them. Once again, these set off nicely from the silvery background of the game board. Scrabble Onyx Edition is definitely the best-looking game of Scrabble I've ever played. I'm sure there are cooler looking custom boards out there, but I haven't played on one that looks better than Onyx Edition Scrabble.

Black Tile Racks

The tile racks for Onyx Scrabble are made of black wood, continuing the silver-and-black theme.

Black Hourglass Timer

Scrabble Onyx Edition comes with its own three-minute timer. The timer is an hourglass containing black sand.

Black Velvet Bag

The tile bag for Onyx Scrabble is extra big, so the player is able to shake up the tiles even at the start of the game. Once again, the black velvet material gives Scrabble Onyx Edition an elegant look.

Onyx Scrabble Price

If you're going to buy this edition of SCRABBLE, you're going to have to pay a lot extra. This product goes for around $90 at most retail outlets. Scrabble has never looked better with Onyx Scrabble, but many Scrabble players aren't going to hesitate to hand out $100 for a Scrabble set. If you enjoy premium editions of your favorite games, though, Onyx Scrabble is the Scrabble Edition you need to have.

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