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Links to game websites and sites about boardgames and card games.

Board Games

Board Games Geek - What is most likely the most complete and detailed guide to board games available on the internet. Easy to browse and to find what you're looking for if you have any specific needs.

Board Games Pub - Reviews and information about popular board games. Includes pages about Scrabble, Monopoly, and Risk. The site also covers older, more traditional abstract board games like chess and checkers.

Monopoly Man - All about the game of Monopoly, including where and how to play Monopoly. The site offers some suggestions about where to find online Monopoly games. And the article about Life Lessons from Monopoly is pretty entertaining too.

Card Games

Bicycle Cards - This link will take you to a page on the official Bicycle Cards website that provides rules for many different types of card games that can be played.

Casino Games

Casino Advisor - For all information related to casinos gambling on the internet and details on casino games and the rules of these check out this website.


RPG.NET - A detailed resource to role playing games that is updated regularly and provides some great info for role playing game fans out there.

Prison Struggle - A free online MMORPG where you play the character of a prisoner. Lots of fun. I tried this game for a while and enjoyed it. It's not as much fun as playing a superhero in City of Heroes, but it's still pretty cool.

Villains and Vigilantes - Another superhero RPG site. I played V&V growing up, and it was a hoot. I think it was probably a lot of folks' first superhero game.


American Style Darts - Features rules and scoring, a list of resources, and a free baseball darts game you can play online. The news section is in the format of a darts blog. They also feature a cool catalog with all kinds of neat dart supplies you can buy.

Football Babble - Football for beginners - not soccer, but good ole American gridiron football. I understand that there are plans to expand the site by including overviews of all the NFL teams. If you're a housewife or just someone who never learned anything about football, then this site provides a nice overview of the subject.

Fan Bet - A fantasy sports football (in this case soccer) website that provides a unique betting game along with other interesting components for those interested in premier league football.

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