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Atari Scrabble - Online Scrabble at Atari Play

Atari Scrabble could mean the online Scrabble website Atari Play or the downloadable Scrabble Rack Attack by Atari or the Atari Scrabble game designed by Les Howarth.

Atari Scrabble is played at the Scrabble online at the Scrabble online word game and player forum, Atari Play. Atari Play Scrabble is a place to enjoy Internet scrabble games with a community of other SCRABBLE players.

Atari Scrabble Registration

Atari Play Scrabble has free membership. You register, create an online Scrabble identity and begin playing. The registration process takes virtually no time at all. Atari Scrabble encourages a community feeling, with chat options for players as they play.

The Scrabble Lobby

Once you're registered, you proceed to the Scrabble lobby. Here, you see how many games are going on, as well as a list of players not engaged in games. You'll be able to see various players' Atari Scrabble rank, allowing you to select worthy opponents. In this way, you'll be able to fill out games of Scrabble with 2 to 4 players apiece.

Scrabble Rank

Atari Play also offers player rank's according to official wins and losses. Scrabble ranks are denoted by special colors and a number ranking system. The lowest level is the green level, then work their way up to through the blue, purple and orange levels. Red is the highest rated level on Atari Scrabble.

As far as number rankings go, the starting level is 1200. This would place a player in the purple level, or an average rating. If you start to lose, you might drop into the blue or even green levels.

Unregistered Players

You don't have to register to play Scrabble at Atari Play. But if you want to keep tracked of your rankings, you'll need to register. Otherwise, you'll never be able to compare yourself to other players online and skilled players aren't likely to waste time playing an unranked match.

Unregistered players are not able to use the chat options, either. This lets you get to know other Scrabble players. The Scrabble dialogue is one of the big advantages to online play, because you get to meet all kinds of interesting people.

Bad Sportsmanship at Scrabble

One problem with Atari Scrabble is the fact that your opponent can quit at any time in the game and not lose ranking. This means you might be going to place your final letter tile on the final word, and suddenly your opponent quits. I'm sorry to say this is pretty common.

Slow Playing Your Scrabble Hand

Also, there is no timer at Atari Play Scrabble. So you might be sitting for a while waiting for your opponent's next move. Currently, Atari Play is discussing adding a system to alleviate this and other problems.

AtariPlay Scrabble Review

Atari Play Scrabble offers a free alternative to any pay sites or payed Scrabble downloads. Their Scrabble system works perfectly fine, though I still give the edge to Scrabulous when it comes to the best online site for Scrabble.

Atari Scrabble by Les Howarth

There is an Atari Scrabble for the Atari game system. This version of Atari Scrabble was designed by Les Howarth. Atari Scrabble was compatible with the Atari 400, Atari 800 XL and Atari 800 XE. These machines were produced somewhere in the 1978 to 1983 era, with the 400 coming in 1978 and the 800xl coming in 1983.

As you can imagine, this version of Atari Scrabble look archaic by today's standards. Still, a lot of Scrabble players look back at fond memories at the first Atari Scrabble out there. You can see a picture of this game at the Atari Mania website.

Atari Scrabble Rack Attack

Scrabble players looking for Atari Scrabble might be looking for Scrabble Rack Attack by Atari Incorporated. Take a look at my page on Scrabble Rack Attack to learn more about that subject.

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