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The main goal of Scrabble Pages is to present players with some great resources and news tidbits that will help them master the game of Scrabble. Many Scrabble resources can be found online, but my goal is for this to be the number one site for Scrabble information on the Internet.

Scrabble fans come from all over the world and they often take much time memorizing long lists of words to better their game. They also compete in various Scrabble tournaments around the globe. These players always like to share their victories with others and ay Scrabble Pages, all the latest news will be provided, along with some great word lists to enhance any game.

About Me

For more than 20 years, I have been a Scrabble player. My name is James Albright and my first Scrabble games were enjoyed at family gatherings as a child. Over the years, the game has interested me even more and I have spent much time studying various Scrabble strategies. This is no ordinary word game. Scrabble will require planning and strategic moves, just like playing Chess. The game is not just rewarding as points accrue, but can also build a tremendous vocabulary.

This entire site is not dedicated to my love of Scrabble. I intend for it to be one of the best Scrabble resources online, but my personal experienced will seldom be noted. My main goal is to provide players with news from the Scrabble world and any other information that pertains to the game and can assist one in becoming a better player.

Why I Started Scrabble Pages

On the pages, I do note some of my own experiences with the game and I hope you will find them useful. Some of my experiences will even mimic those of other worldwide players, ranging from small home games to large tournament play. We are all alike in different ways, and these differences are just as interesting as the Scrabble game itself.

As a child, I played the game, but was not into it as I am later in life. I did not understand the different strategies being employed and was not overly encouraged to improve. However, in High School, things changes at a game night with a girlfriend and her family. This was when I truly realised how complex the game could actually be. Later in life, I used Scrabble as a teaching tool in a classroom and this is when I discovered the powers of the game and fell in love with it forever.

How I Use Scrabble in the Classroom

While my personal life has little to do with tee game of Scrabble, I will inform you that I am a teacher and I have fond Scrabble to be quite useful in the classroom. One of the first times I used the game in a classroom setting was as a way to distract my students during standardized testing. This is only applicable to certain ages as it all depends on tee grade level and the testing being done. I figured Scrabble would be a great way to keep those little brains active and working, but not overworked so as to interfere with testing.

By having a few games in the classroom, a Scrabble Club was soon formed and this met in my room after school hours. The club became a huge hot and became an official club. We were even featured in the yearbook! That club is still up and running today and plays all types of games outside of Scrabble. Other teachers have even found ways to incorporate various games into their teaching plans.

By rewarding players with good vocabulary and providing healthy competition, Scrabble is a perfect educational tool. Not to mention, it can also be fun. I’ve found that the game, along with other smart games is a good way to break classroom tension as they encourage conversation and good sportsmanship. In some cases, students will not even realize the educational capacity of the game. It has become one of my preferred teaching tools, which is one of the reasons I have become obsessed with the game.

Scrabble Tournaments

My first Scrabble tournament was played by being urged to enter by my students. Many of my regulars at the Scrabble Club had already entered some youth tournaments and I must say, there was a bit of jealousy on my part. It did not take much persuading to get me to enter my first tournament.

While I may not turn the table in the Scrabble world or ever become the best player to have lived, I have enjoyed the experience of tournament play. Through these events I have met some of my best friends and have played some of the best and worst games ever. I have even had the great satisfaction of visiting different countries to compete in tournament play.

I am now a proud member of the North American Scrabble Players Association and an often invited to tournaments. My initial interest in Scrabble strategies came from these tournaments and I have spent much of my free time studying various aspects of the game. Through this, I have not only become a better player, but have also forged some amazing friendships along the way. During the last few decades of my life, most of my accomplishments have been centred on creating memories with these people and competing in various Scrabble events.

In 2000, the National Scrabble Championship was held in Providence and I spend a majority of that time on the phone chatting with my daughter as she birthed her first son. They enjoyed a healthy home birth in Boston and with that exciting news, I finished my tournament and got to enjoy a visit with my very first grandchild, all in a single weekend. Scrabble has played such a large role in my life and it has truly enriched me personally.

Scrabble on the Internet

There is something about the game that will instantly attract those with higher intelligence. Not every player that is good was a Rhodes Scholar, in fact, some of the players I have played with had not even attended a single college course. The one thing I find that is common ground amongst Scrabble players is that they all have an inquisitive nature.

These types of people, those that are inquisitive and intelligent have a large presence online and the Internet is crowded with Scrabble fans. With online Scrabble, players ace brought together to enjoy, share and discuss the game, all in a single location that is easily accessed by all.

Scrabble lovers are spread out all around the globe and through the power of Facebook and other social media sites, as well as email and Skype, we are able to all stay in touch and play with one another. I frequently enjoy online Scrabble games with friends in the UK, China and all across the US.

I started Scrabble Pages as a way to stay in touch with various competitors worldwide with hopes of sharing stories and photos for the different tournaments that were being enjoyed. I realized that during the placing stages that Scrabble fans desire a single resource or location where they can find all the information they need. This is the main reason I have created the page. It is not only informative, but also presents me with a challenge: to create the ultimate site dedicated to the game of Scrabble.

Scrabble Pages Site Overview

At Scrabble Pages, you will find five main sections that cover various aspects of the game. We will take a quick look at these so you know what is being offered.

Scrabble Pages Home

Welcome to the homepage! Aside from looking at the other sections of the site and learning a bit about my background, the homepage at Scrabble Pages offers all site updates. This page is designed to be the starting point for all things related to Scrabble. It is also the only page where I focus on myself and my experiences. The other pages are dedicated to you, my fellow Scrabble fans.

Scrabble Websites

The Websites section of Scrabble Pages is where most of the linking will be done. Players can look here for Scrabble tools that can be used online, blogs of friends and some other information pertaining to game rules, strategies and online play.

Scrabble fans and players are tight knit and many people will form a bond over the game. You may often find players who do not mix in socially with others, but we are bought together by the love of this game. I will return that love and the bonds I have formed by linking you to some friends I have met along the way that also have Scrabble pages to share. Check out the list of Scrabble focused websites.

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