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Scrabble Help advice software is found on Scrabble websites and other word game sites across the Internet. Scrabble Helper word finders give stumped players ideas for words to play.

Scrabble Helper is a software tool which gives Scrabble help with word ideas when playing SCRABBLE. Scrabble Helper software is found on many Scrabble online websites, as well as many of the newer Internet Scrabble variants.

SCRABBLE Helper helps players while playing Scrabble.

Begin, End and Any Letters

Letters from your rack are placed into the system. You can also place letters where you might be able to play your words.

In this particular instance, you place letters into a "begin" box if you are considering a play off those letters. You can do the same with letters which are commonly used to end a word, by placing them in the "end" box.

Finally, letters which can be used anywhere in the rack of letters are added into the "any" box. The software then searches the board using these parameters for matching word combinations.


Scrabble Helper can also be used to play the popular word game, Literati. This is an advantage to buy Scrabble Help software, if you are a SCRABBLE player who enjoys playing other word games, too.

A Scrabble Helper Example

For example, I went to a prominent Scrabble Helper website and used their free Scrabble help software. I chose at random the letters T-G-O-S-A-F-K and set wide parameters for the words I could play.

The software found 127 words that these letters could build in Scrabble. The Scrabble Help software gave me 25 words per page, with the following list being the top 25 offered according to the points each would win me.

koffs (15) koff (14) koftas (13) gaffs (12) goffs (12)
kofta (12) gaff (11) goff (11) kafs (11) toffs (11)
offs (10) toff (10) kagos (10) skags (10) fagots (10)
kago (9) skag (9) askos (9) atoks (9) goafs (9)

This particular Scrabble Help software used a Scrabble Dictionary before OSD 3 or OSD 4, because some of the words are what many would consider offensive. I took the total of words retrieved from 25 to 20, in an attempt to bowderlize the list. I don't want to offend anyone and I don't want people coming to this site by placing words like that in a search engine along with Scrabble.

That being said, you get the point. Scrabble players looking for help put their letters into the Scrabble Helper software tool, and the next thing you know, dozens of words you might be able to use are listed.

You'll see that the words assume all manner of letter stems you might be playing from. In an online scrabble game, often using 5 minute or at most 10 minute player timers, finding the best word to play still becomes a bit of a process. Scrabble Helper helps, but it doesn't play the game for you.

A Dirty Little Secret

Many Scrabble purists dislike the use of a Scrabble Helper. Help Scrabble is a twisting of the SCRABBLE concept, because a person wants to play against a live opponent, not a computer.

I personally don't like using Scrabble Help software. What's the fun in playing a game if you're going to have a computer telling you which moves to play. It somewhat reduces the game to the level of a child with an overbearing or over-helpful parent who offers advice on words.

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